Cigarette Tobacco Casings

These are the same casings we use in our Whole Leaf Cigarette Blends. They do not flavor the tobacco but rather correct the raw aspects of the tobacco and enhance the true tobacco flavor. All of our casing are made with USDA approved food grade ingredients.

One bottle of casing treats 1 lb. of shredded tobacco. Whether you're creating your own blend or smoking one type of tobacco straight, these casings will improve the flavor of the tobacco.

Add  1 tablespoon of water to the bottle, shake thoroughly and spray on shredded tobacco. Put the tobacco back in the vapor-proof bag it came in and allow it to rest for at least an hour.   For best results, allow the tobacco to absorb the casing for a day or two.  If the tobacco is too moist after resting, allow it to dry on a tray.  Mix occasionally so it dries evenly.

Test a small amount of tobacco before treating a whole pound. More than one casing can be used at the same time.