Dark Air Cured
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This is a high nicotine Dark Air variety.  Thick, gummy leaf is best suited for chew or snuff, but is also used as Grabba.  This leaf is hand harvested and it does have some wrapper grade leaves mixed in.  If you're not too picky, you can get wrappers from just about all of the leaves.

The leaf is very thick and properly cured.  Due to the manner in which Air Cured tobaccos are cured, the lamina will cure and dry before the mid-rib which can result in mold growth on the mid-rib. Simply remove the stem and discard. Wipe off any remaining mold on the lamina with a damp towel.  Expect about 30 leaves per pound.

All of our tobacco is sold by the pound.  The price reflects the cost per pound of tobacco unless otherwise noted.

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Dark Air Cured

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