Flue Cured Virginia "Lemon". Unmanufactured Tobacco
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American Tobacco

This is a beautiful hand harvested mellow Flue Cured Virginia leaf with subtle notes of citrus and dried fruit. This tobacco is traditionally used in Canadian and American style blends.
This tobacco is excellent on its own or paired with others, we recommend the Virginia Red leaf with a hint of Turkish/Oriental to create a smooth yet flavorful blend.
This product is sold by the pound and priced accordingly.

Traditional Pipe Tobacco

Lemon derived from the second stalk position and possesses a slightly heavier body than cutters with excellent burn quality and mild flavor qualities.


Lemon can be prepared for Shisha/Hookah production with minimal effort. In order to do this you will first need to make sure you have removed the mid-rib from your tobacco and shred it. Second, you will need to wash your tobacco to remove some of the harsh tobacco flavor, mix it with honey or molasses and bake on low heat (150 degrees F) for about an hour and a half. Next you will need to add glycerin, and liquid extracts to give your Shisha tobacco a nice flavor. This will need to sit for at least 24 hours to soak before it is ready to use.

The result of using Virginia Lemon will give you a tradtional hookah tobacco that offers a medium/mild tobacco flavor.

Learn how to process tobacco at www.FairTradeTobacco.com



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Flue Cured Virginia "Lemon". Unmanufactured Tobacco

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