Flue Cured Virginia RED TIPS
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Flue Cured Virginia RED TIPS are from the uppermost leaves of the plant.  These leaves are ripe/ripe which means the leaves are over mature and have started to break down.  In that the leaves are over ripe, there is a very high sugar content to them.  This tobacco can be used straight and has great tobacco flavor and is actually quite mellow.  For a less potent experience, this tobacco can be blended in any amount with lower stalk position leaves (1st Priming/cutters, Lemon, and/or Bright).  This tobacco has not been hand harvested, but we take the time to straight lay the leaves before packaging.  

Don't let the looks of this tobacco fool you.  If it was garbage, it wouldn't be listed on the site. There is only one bale of this tobacco (700 pounds) available, so after you try it and decide you want more, buy as much as you can because this will very likely not become a regular stock item unless we can get it hand harvested in the future.

If you would like to receive a sample of this tobacco before buying a whole pound, please send a note in the "special instructions" area with your next order and we'll ship you a sample free.

All of our tobacco is sold by the pound.  The price reflects the cost per pound of tobacco unless otherwise noted.
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Flue Cured Virginia RED TIPS

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