Professional Chaveta #2 (Cigar knife)
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New, Made In USA Professional Chaveta (Cigar knife).

Same as the American Style Chaveta except it is half of the thickness.  I nice light weight, yet sturdy chaveta for professional use all day without fatigue.

This knife is used in the manufacture of hand made cigars.  Made from .035 Rockwell 45 Spring Steel.  This knife will last you the rest of your life and three generations to come.   Chavetas are most often used for cutting the cigar wrapper, but it is very versatile tool.

The Chaveta is 7 1/4" x 3" with a professionally sharpened knife edge.  These Chavetas are shipped extremely sharp, so only adults should be allowed to handle these knives.

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Professional Chaveta #2 (Cigar knife)

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