Whole Leaf Tobacco Blends

 New Whole Leaf Cigarette Blends

We are proud to introduce our next generation of whole leaf tobacco products: quantities of cigarette leaf in perfect proportions to make your chosen blend. We've eliminated the guesswork in creating the perfect blend.  Each of our blends have been formulated from as many as nine different types of tobacco. They have been meticulously designed by tobacco experts from across the globe. Rather than being haphazardly thrown together in order to create an illusion of something unique, our new blends are truly unique.

Casings: Blend Like the Big Boys

Each package comes with its own container of casing for use according to your preference. Our casings are professionally formulated for compatibility with each tobacco blend. The casing corrects the raw aspects of the tobacco while enhancing the tobacco's true flavor. Tobacco casing has been used industry wide for centuries and is what gives name brands their distinctive flavors.