We had a question from a customer the other day and I thought that it might be valuable for the rest of you!

Subject: Weird Sparkly Stuff on Leaf –
Hey Don, sorry to bother you.
Just wondering if you knew what this weird sparkly stuff in the leaf is? Just let me know when you get this. Kinda worried, kinda but not really. Thanks!

Our response:
Hi ####,

You’re not bothering me. The weird sparkly stuff is magic dust. Nothing to worry about, just be careful driving.

Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s Mica. Mica is a naturally occuring mineral in the soil. This leaf was harvested during the monsoon-level rains of Hurricane Florence. The hard rain caused the mud to bounce up onto the tobacco leaves. We tried to shake as much as possible off the leaves before packaging. It there is a heavy build-up of dirt on the leaves, take a dry brush…like a paint brush and brush off the dirt.

If there is too much dirt on the leaves in your order, let me know and I’ll send you a half pound with your next order.

And the customer response:

Haha Awesome! thanks for the info, Don! You’re the best. I’ll just brush it off. I already smoked one and the quality is GREAT. Idk if its the dust or what but im hooked! Thanks again 

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